"Aquanaut" Ltd. Company

Презентация на водолазна компания Акванавт

Our experience, commitment to quality and professional diving equipment are the main reasons to choose us. We research each diving project carefully and provide its the best, safest and the most efficient solution.

"Aquanaut" Ltd. Company was founded in 1989 by corporate file N 576/1989.

Scope of Activities

  • Machine cleaning hulls overgrown with seaweed.
  • Machine polishing of the propeller.
  • Stern tube bandaging for seals replacement.
  • Release of the propeller from hawsers.
  • Cleaning of sea valve gratings, disassembling and mounting of grids.
  • Cleaning sea chest.
  • Unclogging and clogging of sea valve gratings and sea chests.
  • Plugging up of holes.
  • Underwater welding.
  • Underwater cutting.
  • Machine cleaning of ship propellers and ship steering gear.
  • Diver survey on ships.
  • Underwater surveys with or without video-shooting.
  • Rescue services and vessel lifting activities.
  • Underwater explosive works.

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