Experience of the company in the specific area

Sinse its establishment until now, the company has been doing the following underwater activities:

  1. Under-water works as per building and maintenance of “Galata” gas-main
    near Varna
    • under-water works as per excavation of a trench in the surf zone and at distance of 500 m from the coast towards the sea for the pipeline and burying.
    • under-water installation works as per the connection of the pipeline to the platform.
    • break-down under-water activities as per the pipeline (cutting and welding, installation of fast hydraulic flanges, installation of an additional connection).
    • under-water works as per taking out of apparatuses for control of the welding joints, which has been left in the pipeline at an average.
    • installation of measuring apparatuses at the platform under water.
  1. Under-water construction of quay walls at Port of Varna, yacht port “Golden Sands”, yacht port ”Saint Konstantin” – grand-hotel Varna and protective dikes in the vicinity of Varna, Balchik, Kavarna:
    • construction of stone panels / precise rocking with accuracy +_3 cm.
    • installation of reinforced-concrete blocks (boulders) under water.
    • installation of tetrapods, tetrahedrons, hexalets, stone blocks (boulders) for
  2. Under-water works as per installation of a pipeline for discharge of waste waters of purification station – grand-hotel Varna.
  3. Under-water works as per building of purification station for waste waters – town of Balchik.
  4. Putting of optic cables under water in the resort “Saint Konstantin and
    Elena” – 2 pcs. and port Balchik – 1 pce
    • Excavation of a trench in the bed, putting of the cable and burying at distance 600-800 m from the coast.
    • Installation of weighting protective cast-iron shells at distance 400 meters.
  5. Average under-water works as per building and repairs of recirculating equipment of Atomic Power Plant – Kozloduy
    • cutting and removal of compromised reinforced-concrete revetment of a cold canal.
    • cutting and welding under water.
    • construction of rocking of inclined panels and installation of reinforced-concrete plates and blocks (boulders).
    • under-water work with ejectors and pumps.
    • installation of shutterings, reinforcement and concreting under water.
    • Injection of concrete and epoxy resins under the revetment.
    • repair and reconstruction of dilatation joints of recirculation equipment and cold canal.
    • installation of measuring apparatuses.
    • repair works as per lids of Inspection Pit 2 – 5, 6 block.
  6. Repair works as per pumping station Hanovo – town of Yambol.
  7. Repair and maintenance of shafts and cooling collectors of Thermoelectric
  8. Under-water inspections, defectation, video recording, cleaning of chains, substitution of chains and anchors of 112 pcs. fairway and canal buoys in the aquatory of Port of Varna and Burgas.
  9. Under-water repair works of quay 1 of “Dolphin” dockyard.
  10. “Odesos” dockyard:
    • before project investigations – drillings at 6 meters under the bed for
      investigation of the type and composition of the bed.
    • under-water repair of lids of northern and southern pumping stations.
    • repair and reconstruction under water of the immovable sealing contour of
      the gateway of dry chamber.
    • repair of anchor chains of Floating dock 1 – cutting, marking and
    • interception of Kingston sea valve openings, releasing of chains, detecting of
      mooring anchors, cleaning from the slime, connection of the repaired chains
      to the anchors of floating dock 2.
    • under-water works at quay 4 – deepening of the bed, cleaning of concrete
      surfaces between the feather-joints from foulnesses, repair and closing of
      the joints.
  11. Repair-construction and installation works of a canal for technical water-
    supply of a new pumping station of Thermoelectric Plant – Ruse – cleaning
    of alluviums, repair and sealing of technological joints between the elements.
  12. Under-water works as per taking out of sunk ships
    • motor vessel “Mehmed Aslan” – port of Burgas.
    • motor yacht “Tiviya” – port of Sozopol.
    • dredge “Staklen” – port of Vidin.
    • motor cutter – port of Balchik.
    • motor tugboat dockyard “Odesos”.
  13. Repair and reconstruction of reservoir Ivaylovgrad – dismantling of old protective gratings and installation of new of the basic discharge connections, anchoring. – taking out, repair and installation of movable protective gratings of Water- Wheel Generator-1; Water-Wheel Generator -2; Water-Wheel Generator -3 and Water-Wheel Generator –4 of Hydroelectric Plant Ivaylovgrad. – under-water repair as per reconstruction and sealing of quick-closing gates of Water-Wheel Generator -2 and Water-Wheel Generator -3.
  14. Repair and reconstruction of Hydroelectric Plant Kardzhali
    • substitution of protective gratings Water-Wheel Generator -1; Water-Wheel Generator -2; Water-Wheel Generator – 3 and Water-Wheel Generator – 4.
    • repair-reconstruction works as per the immovable sealing contours of lids of Water-Wheel
    • Generator – 2, Water-Wheel Generator – 3 and Water-
      Wheel Generator – 4, Injection with a two-component resins Koster
      КВ – PUR 2 in 1.
    • under-water works as per substitution of by-pass slide gates of Water –
      Wheel Generator – 1 and Water-Wheel Generator – 3 and Water-Wheel
      Generator – 4.
    • sealing of lids.
  15. Reservoir Studen Kladenets
    • under-water inspections and defectation of the basic discharge connections.
    • sealing of gate equipment of the water intake of Hydroelectrical Plant Studen Kladenets
    • cleaning of rough grating of the water intake.
    • repair-reconstruction works of compromised sections at the immovable sealing contours of the water intake, injection.
    • repair of slide gates ф 500 of by-pass connections.
  16. Reservoir Iskar
    • under-water repair of compromised sections of a surge chamber.
    • under-water works as per putting of supply cable from the shore to water
      intake chamber, anchoring.
    • installation under water of hydraulic equipment for detents and detents of
      valves (closing devices) of the basic discharge connections of repair
  17. Reservoir Topolnitsa
    • cutting under water of protective gratings of basic discharge connections, installation of metal plugs ф 1400 of the basic discharge connections for substitution of the valves (closing devices). After the substitution – cutting of the plugs and restoring of the gratings (welding).
  18. Reservoir Zhekov vir – under-water repair and reconstruction of the machine and electrotechnical equipment of the water intake chamber, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the bearing reinforced-concrete construction of the chamber, repair and reconstruction of the immovable sealing contours, injecting of resins Koster КВ – PUR 2 in 1 in the cracks in the stem of the chamber and providing of the regimes and starting-adjustment works of Hydroelectric Plant Kaleto. Construction of a new opening in the chamber with dimensions 3,20 х 3,60 meters at upper level, installation of a new immovable contour and threshold construction, working out and installation of a lid.
  19. Reservoir Golyam Beglik
    • dismantling of protective gratings, cleaning of the shafts of the basic discharge connections from alluviums, installation of metal plugs ф 1200 / plugging of the discharge connections /, after substitution of throttle valves and repair, cutting of the plugs and installation of the protective gratings.
  20. Reservoir Batak reservoir Dospat
    • repair-reconstruction works as per the basic discharge connections and the water intake. Injection of resins Koster КВ – PUR 2 in 1 under water of the immovable sealing contours and cracks.
  21. Reservoir Loposhnitsa reservoir Krapets – Sevlievo
    • dismantling and installation works under water, sealing of lids, installation of plugs, substitution of slide gates ф 500 – 2 pcs., ф 600 and ф 1000.
  22. Reservoir Yasna polyana
    • repair of the closing device organs of the water intake chamber.
  23. Reservoir Kazal dere – town of Strazhitsa
    • dismantling and installation works under water, installation of plugs, substitution of slide gates.
  24. Hydroelectric Plant Luna – injection of working boundaries and joints with Koster КВ – PUR 2 in 1.
  25. Reservoir Chaira – installation of a door in the protective grating of the water intake opening of the basic discharge connection of the causeway „Chaira” – reservoir region „Chaira”.
  26. Under- water inspections, cleaning of water intake shafts with hydraulic pumps under water, installation of blinds of basic discharge connections, repairing of closing devices of basic discharge connections of reservoir village of Mokren, village of Padarevo and village of Novo selo.
  27. Reservoir Motela – an under-water inspection of the water intake equipment for determining of the degree of silting of the water intake shaft and the condition of the basic discharge connection. Under-water-technical works as per putting into technical working order, and namely: cleaning of the water intake shaft and shaft of gate valve and basic discharge connection. Installation of a gate valve ДУ 300 with the adjoining fastening elements in a shaft dry swath.
  28. Purification station for waste waters – Ravda – deep-water discharge of purified waters from Purification Stations for Waste Waters through putting of weighted by support blocks sections of coupled two pipes ф 800mm at the sea bed, construction of a trench through a reef section of monolithic stone plates (rocks) through a small and big reef, away from the shore at distance 1500 -1700 meters through cutting by a hydraulic cutter with diamond chains and chiseling by a pneumatic coal hammers under water.
  1. As per repair of ships
    • complete cleaning of the hulls under water.
    • cleaning and polishing of propelling screws.
    • cleaning of Kingston sea valve gratings and shafts.
    • plugging and opening of Kingston sea valve gratings and shafts.
    • plugging of holes, under-water cutting and welding.
    • under-water inspections with and without video recording, photo pictures.
    • under-water certification in-water survey of ships.